ORANGE BRANDING is a Dutch owned and managed product design studio with representations in China, The Netherlands, Belgium, Indo- nesia, Colombia and the USA.

At Orange Branding we constantly look for smart and creative talents to become a team-members or have their work experience in China.

New colleagues and team member mostly will work in our HQ in Guangzhou and branch-offices in Shenzhen and Beijing.

As part of our rapid growth and planned opening of offices in China we do have occasionally placements and positions there also.

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ORANGE Branding is managed by Dutch designers with more than 15 years experience in China. Our China team, has 100 people, of which 80% are sales people in various cities and others are designers in product design, graphic design, trend forecasting, Engineering, Design Management, Branding, Marketing and interior & Retail design.

ORANGE BRANDING is different from local companies as we use in- ternational accepted theories and methods to connect efficiently be- tween:
1. Market research and Innovation Strategies from a brand perspec- tive

2. Brand development and brand experience with emphasis on the international market

3. Product Design and Touch point design in China (Guangzhou & Shanghai) for both domestic and international markets

4. Business development and brand building in Amsterdam for the European and American market


With our international offices in Netherlands and China, and our design and client network in Europe, Asia, US, Latin America, Australia, we are connected to the world.


For each project we consider the product realisation and end-user the core essence, while we realise the brand promise and values as a system around the business of the product service system.


We believe that a personal and dedicated service in a “Boutique” style
branding agency with international roots but based in China, is more
efficient and effective than large western agencies or local agencies


Our recruitment process is rather simple, find here what information is
needed to apply for your role.

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