The primary role of Process Managers is to evaluate and make improvements to business processes, and ensure the efficiency of business operations and create and implement changes or improvements as needed. They generate documentation of existing processes and improvements, forecast expected results of process changes, analyze implemented changes and make further adjustments to workflow, schedules or other processes as required.


  • Evaluate Existing Business Processes. Make improvements to one or many steps to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve time management or make needed changes to other aspects of the process.
  • Create Documentation Outlining Process Improvements
  • Manage Improvement Teams and Implementation Processes. Ensure that the plan is clear and can be applied quickly and efficiently. Process Managers might often be involved in training staff in these changes.
  • Conduct Ongoing Analyses. Once changes have been implemented, Process Managers continue to monitor and assess various processes to ensure that they are producing the desired outcomes. They will make changes to steps in each process as needed to adjust improvements to reflect better results in production, cost reduction and other targeted outcomes.
  • Update Department Procedures and Policies. Changes made to many business processes often involve the re-writing of departmental procedures and policies and Process Managers typically assist in this area. Process Managers ensure that all employees are familiar with relevant procedural changes and oversee the training of staff and creation of documents addressing new procedures and policies.


  • Analytical
  • Strong written and oral communication abilities in both English and Chinese, and organizational skills
  • Detail-oriented problem-solvers
  • Employ leadership, critical thinking and time management skills
  • Can work effectively both independently and in teams
  • Familiar with all phases of project management, able to work with people of diverse backgrounds, coordinate teams and train staff
  • Can develop creative and innovative ways to improve business processes, reduce process errors, improve process results and save costs


  • Knowledge of diverse business processes in a wide range of industries
  • Develop and design documents including training manuals, process outlines, flowcharts and implementation procedures


  • At least 2-5 years works experience

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